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New Arrival shilpsutra


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New Arrival shilpsutra

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Experience the abode of nature, mysticism of canopies of large trees, the same old taste of fresh organic tomatoes, delicacies of exotic tribal recipes.
Witness the social change movement and feel the warmth of tribal hospitality.

Who are we?

We are a platform of tribal youth of Jhabua, to train ourselves in Bamboo Craft, develop products and market them. This is a beginning of a cottage industry revolution in Jhabua to augment livelihood. For every product you buy, you boost our confidence for financial self-reliance.

New Arrival shilpsutra
New Arrival shilpsutra
sale shilpsutra
sale shilpsutra

Money Jain, IRS, Mumbai

“My yoga mate for everyday” It always feels good have a natural something around. I use Bamboom with my morning meditation & yoga. The soft music of flute, not too loud, feels soothing.


Sanjay Enishetty, Managing Partner at Partner at 50k Ventures, Hyderabad

BamBoom a natural speaker made from the Bamboo by the artisan from a tribal community in Jhabu district, MP. The interesting thing is now such innovative natural products are available online. Let’s encourage the artist such communities. Trust me you need to experience the way this Bamboom works.

divya shilpsutra

Harshit Jain, Film Director, Founder India Inspires, Indore

अत्यंत उपयोगी और आकर्षक।पोर्टेबल और इलेक्ट्रिसिटी फ्री। बैम्बूम बाँस का होने के कारण घर या ऑफ़िस में प्रकृति से सामीप्य का अनुभव देता है। झाबुआ के वनवासियों द्वारा बनाया गया यह उत्पाद भील युवाओं के हुनर का नायाब नमूना है। 'बाम्बू इफ़ेक्ट' होने के कारण यह मोबाइल से निकलने वाले संगीत को और ज्यादा कर्ण प्रिय बना देता है।


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